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SCHOTT ZWIESEL is the brand of the professionals. The global market leader for the supply of high quality crystal stemware and leads the World in crystal glass technology. It is favoured by both sommeliers and bar professionals.

Here’s why Tritan® Titanium Crystal Glass is our glass of choice.



• Is light in weight, yet tough resisting scratching

• Has superior chip and break resistance at the lip

• Has natural brilliance and clarity

• Requires little or no polishing, even in hard water areas

• Has market-leading dishwasher resistance

• Resists clouding out to c3,000 dishwasher cycles and beyond


And when its long service life ends you can safely recycle this glass
because it contains no harmful Lead or Barium. TRITAN Protect® is a special tempering step in Schott Zwiesel wine glass manufacture.

The process permanently doubles the strength of a wine glass stem.


To purchase Schott Zwiesel glasses or for more information call Will today on 01869 226256 or email

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